Understanding Your Bill

Sample Deltona Water Utility BillUnderstanding Your Bill

Refer to the Sample Bill Image:

  1. This area describes your Service Address, Account Number and the Customer Name for the particular account. Please reference your Account Number when utilizing our online system.
  2. Your Service Period indicates the timeframe in which the usage is being billed. Actual usage is billed on a monthly basis.
  3. This area is the summary of charges and due dates.
    1. Unpaid Balance Due Immediately indicates that there is an unpaid balance as of this bill date that should be paid immediately to avoid any further penalties or possible service interruption related to this past due amount.
    2. Credits / Adjustments indicates if you had a credit balance on the account prior to your Current Charges being applied.
    3. Current Bill Date indicates the date on which your bill is generated.
    4. Current Charges shows the total charges for this service period.
    5. Date Due is your due date for your current charges. Please keep in mind that any previous unpaid balance should be paid immediately.
    6. Total Amount Due is the total balance on the account as of the date of the bill.
  4.  This area displays approved fees that may potentially be assessed if the current charges are not paid by the due date indicated.  
    1. The top section shows that if the balance is not paid by 4:30 p.m. on the Due Date, that it will have a Late Payment Fee assessed.
    2. The bottom sections show that if the balance is not paid by 4:30 p.m. on the last day to pay, that the approved Non-payment fee will be assessed to the account. At which point the account will also be subject to service interruption.

Note: Please contact our office immediately if you have an Unpaid Balance Due Immediately as this portion of your balance is due prior to the dates in this section. If not paid immediately, you may incur an additional non-payment fee and will be subject to disconnection.

  1. This area shows the breakdown of charges by each service type. I.e. Water base, water usage, etc.
  2. This area is reserved for important messages from Deltona Water and the City of Deltona. For those customers who are enrolled in our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment option, a message will be displayed indicating that the bill will be automatically paid on a specific date.
  3. To quickly compare your current usage with your previous month’s usage we have displayed that comparison for you here. We have also included your usage for this service time during the previous year if it is available. Please note that the number of days within a bill cycle may vary by a few days.
  4. The bottom portion of your bill is the stub that summarizes the essential information to be returned with your payment for ease of processing by the Deltona Water office. It also has an option to indicate if an address change is needed.