Planning & Development Services

Functional Duties

The Department provides efficient and effective planning and development services by integrating related urban design functions into a single agency. This allows the Department to actively manage all elements of the urban design process: City Design - Comprehensive Planning; District Design - Neighborhood Planning, Zoning, and Subdivision Review; Site Design - Development Review, Building Plan Review; and Building Design - Architectural Review, Building Plan Review.

Mission Statement

"The Department of Planning and Development Services is committed to serving the citizens of the City of Deltona by striving to enrich the quality of life for all residents, visitors, and commercial industry. The Department exists for the purpose of effectively planning for the future of the City of Deltona and is committed to providing excellence in customer service and consistent policy advice that guides the physical, economic, and social growth of the City of Deltona. Through effective communication, progressive development, redevelopment, equal partnerships, and customer satisfaction, we will set the standard for all planning agencies to follow."

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