Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a document that establishes policies for the management of land use and development within the City. In addition, Plan policies address environmental protection, the provision of public services and intergovernmental coordination. The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the City in 1999 and updated in 2010 and 2018 through the evaluation and appraisal report process.

Florida Statutes Chapter 163 illustrates the process to amend the Comprehensive Plan. The most common Comprehensive Plan amendment application involves a change to the City Future Land Use Map. Generally, the amendment process involves City public hearings, review by various governmental agencies including the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. For more information on the Comprehensive Plan amendment process please visit the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity website.  Within Volusia County, Comprehensive Plan amendments are also reviewed by a local, County Charter created body known as the Volusia Growth Management Commission (VGMC). The primary mission of the VGMC is to ensure consistency between local government planning efforts within the County. For more information concerning the Comprehensive Plan contact the Planning and Development Services at 386-878-8600.     

Comprehensive Plan: Goals, Objectives & Policies

The Comprehensive Plan contains ten elements. The elements are titled with links to each element.

  1. Future Land Use Element (PDF)
  2. Transportation Element (PDF)
  3. Housing Element (PDF)
  4. Infrastructure Element (PDF)
  5. Conservation Element (PDF)
  6. Parks and Recreation Element (PDF)
  7. Intergovernmental Coordination Element (PDF)
  8. Capital Improvements Element (PDF)
  9. Public Schools Facilities Element (PDF)
  10. Economic Development (PDF)

Comprehensive Plan: Appendices

There are two Comprehensive Plan appendices attached to the Plan. Appendix 1 (PDF) contains various maps and figures including a generalized Future Land Use Map, Thoroughfare Roadway Map, etc. Appendix 2 (PDF) is a list of acronyms that may be encountered when reviewing the Pla