Stormwater Division

Florida Yards NeighborsDuties & Functions

The goal of the Stormwater Division is to provide ongoing stormwater system construction and storm emergency services to the City of Deltona.  This encompasses continuing with in-house construction projects and in the City's contractual relationship with Volusia County for performing stormwater system construction and storm emergency services, such as pumping and debris removal as needed, throughout the year.  The Stormwater Division also houses the City's NPDES Inspector who monitors Deltona's stormwater system (as required by EPA) for pollutants entering the City’s system.

The Stormwater Division is also responsible for:

  • Restoring both the functionality and aesthetics to Deltona's open ditches which includes cleaning and removing obstructive vegetation from open ditches; Save the Swales!
  • Enhancing the flow characteristics of Deltona's roadside surface drainage network in an effort to eliminate nuisance flooding;
  • Identifying previously undeveloped retention ponds and through outside contractor or in house crews, construct ponds in flood prone areas;
  • Reporting all complaints of insufficient drainage flow in swales immediately for action;
  • Involving the Community in retention area clean-up.  
  • Developing guidelines for the city's Stormwater Management Program (SWMP);
  • Involving the Community in reporting of illegal dumping in drainage retention areas; and
  • Maintaining the retention areas and curbing illegal dumping by reporting violations to Enforcement Services.

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