Stormwater Drain Discharges

It is illegal to dump or discharge anything other than stormwater down the storm drains, or into stormwater ponds or ditches.  Pollution dumped into these systems will find its way into our lakes and streams which will affect aquatic life, our environment, and recreational activities.

Construction sites are also required to keep sediments and wastes onsite during construction activities. If you have a complaint about a particular site please use the contact information below to inform us of the location so an inspection may be initiated.

If you see anyone dumping pollutants or trash into the stormwater systems, see discolored water, suds, or smell obnoxious fumes in the stormwater ditches, ponds, or pipes, please email Sonia Clay the City of Deltona's Stormwater Management Program Coordinator, or call 386-878-8962.  

Let's work together to keep Deltona safe and beautiful!