Local Business Regulations

Zoning & Land Use Regulations

Before you select a location for your business, you must make sure that the location has the required zoning for your type of business. Zoning information may be obtained from the Planning and Development Services Department, where zoning maps and a schedule of uses are available for your review.

Impact Fees

You may incur impact fees if you are building a new structure, or changing the use of an existing structure. For an assessment of impact fees for water and wastewater please contact the Building Services Division for assistance.

Building Codes

The City of Deltona requires that all new buildings meet the Florida Building Code, the Standard Housing Code (residential), the Florida Fire Prevention Code, the Standard Technical Codes, and all other pertinent state and local regulations governing the particular occupancy classification. A change to the occupancy class of any particular existing building, or portion thereof, will require upgrading to comply with all current codes. The Florida Building Codes are available at the Florida Department of Community Affairs Website. Deltona Code of Ordinance can be accessed online via the City's website. You may call the Building Services Department at 368-878-8650 for the inspection of a building or assistance.

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for existing buildings and upon completion of newly constructed buildings. This certificate is obtained through the Building Services Division. The certificate is proof that the building use and occupancy are in compliance with all applicable zoning and land use ordinances, as well as the structural and fire-life safety codes of the City of Deltona. Each time there is a tenant change or a change in the type of occupancy, a new Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained.

Fire Inspection

The Fire Department inspects all businesses to ensure compliance with state and local Fire Codes.


Sign regulations are controlled by the Planning and Development Services Department and also by the Building Services Division. Planning and Development Services approves the size, character, location, and the number of signs; once approved, the Building and Zoning Services issues the sign permit based on the structural soundness and plans submitted. Sign permits are required prior to any installation, relocation, or alteration of a sign.