Mayor’s Fitness Challenge

Welcome! We are thrilled to announce the 2nd annual Mayor's Fitness Challenge!

Join Mayor Avila in promoting community wellness through an active lifestyle in Deltona! Participants not only embrace a healthier lifestyle but also receive a special event shirt. The top man and woman among registered challengers will each win $250!

What sets this year's challenge apart? The theme for this year's Mayor's Fitness Challenge will be the military. Each participant will represent a military branch, and many of the fitness activities will be led by former veterans or active duty members. Challenges will be held at 6 PM, Wednesday through Friday. If an event is not held on a Friday, it will take place on the following Saturday or Sunday at 9:30 AM. 

Check out the schedule of events here!

Registration is required for every attendee. If your whole family plans to participate, you will need to submit a form on behalf of each family member. Please fill out the form below to participate. 

Mayor's Fitness Challenge Registration

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We would like to thank our sponsors. We could not have made our Mayors Fitness Challenge happen without them.

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