What can’t you do with reclaimed water?
  • Do not drink reclaimed water
  • Do not connect any pipes to your reclaimed water pipes
  • Do not connect your reclaimed water pipes to any other pipes.
  • Do not use reclaimed water to fill swimming pools, hot tubs, or wading pools.
  • Do not use reclaimed water to irrigate edible crops (i.e., vegetables or fruits) that WILL Not be peeled, skinned, or cooked before being eaten.
  • Do not use reclaimed water to irrigate vegetable gardens.
  • Do not use hose bibs to wash your car or your boat. Deltona prohibits the use of hose bibs [per Rule 62-610.469(3), F.A.C] as they are the leading cause of backflow accidents which could contaminate the drinking water supply.

Reclaimed water quality… Deltona Water ensures that all reclaim water meets or exceeds the water quality requirements established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Furthermore each year, Deltona Water analyzes the reclaimed water for parameters listed as drinking water standards. While reclaimed water is not required to meet drinking water standards, the system analyzes the reclaim water to ensure the highest quality possible for the residents of Deltona.

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