How do I get to the Online Payment site?

Place your cursor over Online Services, a tab located on the main toolbar at the top of the website, and select Utility Bill Payments from the drop down menu. This link will direct you to the account search screen.

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1. How do I get to the Online Payment site?
2. How do I find my account?
3. Why am I receiving the error "No records were found for your search. Please try again."?
4. When should I check the option "Remember my search criteria"?
5. Why are multiple service addresses/accounts found when I search on the information for one account number?
6. Why am I unable to modify the payment amount?
7. Why was my account assessed a penalty on the same day I made an online payment?
8. There is a bill showing online that I have not received. Why?
9. I have made an online payment, but there is no option to log out of my account. How do I log out?