If I need an ambulance transport in Deltona who responds?

If you require an ambulance within the city limits of Deltona then you may get a Deltona Fire based ambulance or an ambulance from Volusia County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) (formerly EVAC, Inc.).

Currently, permission for our fire based ambulance to transport comes from the Volusia County Government through an inter-local agreement called, "The Municipal Transport Program." Our Fire Department provides two 24 hour 7 day a week transport units which respond through a closest response agreement, which simply means if they are the closest unit to a call then they respond. Deltona pays for the equipment, vehicles, and personnel and we pay the county a 10% administrative fee from every transport for billing and to have the right to transport under their certificate of need. Currently, Volusia County is the only agency that possess a Certificate of Need.

Our department and city constantly seek to increase city ambulances within the system but are limited by County Government as they have the final word on what they believe is the appropriate number of ambulances for each municipality. If the City of Deltona was able to obtain its own Certificate of Need, then your elected City Officials in collaboration with the Fire Department would dictate the number of ambulances needed for the City of Deltona. With that stated the system has improved over the last few years and hopefully we all will continue to see improvements for our citizens in the near future.

If you have any questions in regards to ambulance services or any other concerns please contact us at 386-575-6901.

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1. If I need an ambulance transport in Deltona who responds?
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