How Can You Protect your Property?

There are several different ways to help make your home and/or non-residential property safer during a flood.  Some methods include grading or re-grading your lot to slope away from the building; building a  small floodwall, earthen berm, or ditch; adding underdrains; placing watertight closures over the doorways; raising the structure; etc. All of these efforts require a permit.

These retrofitting techniques and drainage improvements may include an alteration to either the home (structure), the home site (land) and/or both.  Having lot surveys and/or Elevation Certificates, prepared by an Engineer of Record and/or Registered Land Surveyor in the State of Florida, will help to establish the elevation characteristics in relation to an SFHA.

Property protection one-on-one advice to interested property owners about property protection, such as retrofitting techniques and drainage improvements, can be provided by contacting the City Building Department at 386-878-8100.  A site visit by City personnel may be made before providing such advice and the City can provide advice that may lead to financial assistance on certain financial assistance programs that may be available through federal, state, and local government entities; as part of the City’s program for public information (PPI).

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