What is Flood Warning System and Flood Mapping Information?

The City of Deltona and Volusia County depend on the National Weather Service (NWS) for flood notification. The City is an active participant in the Volusia County's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that has a network of advance notifications for emergencies, including advance flood advisories. The NWS will issue flood advisories prior to expected heavy rainfall that could cause flooding. The City uses Volusia County's flood warning plan and EOC network to provide early warning to neighborhoods that might experience exceptional flooding. Other broadcast methods of emergency notices include Deltona DTV ­Channel 491 on the Brighthouse Government Access Channel. The City utilizes the Code RED Emergency Notification System, which allows the City to notify any geographical area, or any predetermined 'target buildings' via telephone, of an impending emergency. All residents and businesses must keep the City informed of current telephone numbers for the Code RED System by contacting the Volusia County Sheriff Office at 386-736-5999. Evacuation routes include Interstate 4, Howland Boulevard, Deltona Boulevard, Doyle Road, and Ft. Smith Boulevard. You can report flooding by calling the City Public Works Department at 386-878-8100.

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