What is Drainage System Maintenance?

Local flooding can also result from the blockage of waterways and drainage facilities through the buildup of debris. Our Stormwater Division helps keep canals, ditches, and drainage inlets clear by performing periodic cleaning of waterways, stormwater conveyance lines, and City catch basins. If you know of any drainage areas blocked by debris and within a public right-of-way, please contact the Public Works Department at 386-878-8100.

A blockage can also occur through dumping of materials.  Dumping into waterways is a violation of State Law and the City’s Code of Ordinances and is behind the City-initiated effort of the ‘Think before you Throw’ campaign.  Please contact the City Enforcement Services Division for questions at 386-878-8700 or to report a violation, contact the Volusia County Sheriff Office at 386-736-5999.

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