Do homeowner insurance policies cover damage from rising water?

There is a wide range of measures that can be used to protect against flooding. They may be grouped in various ways, such as:

  • Structural and nonstructural measures.
  • Whether they are most suitable for protecting: individual structures or areas containing multiple structures and communities.
  • Whether their purpose is to: modify the flood or reduce susceptibility to flooding; and/or
  • Reduce the impact of flooding.

Multiple measures are usually needed to provide protection to an area.

Most of the known floodplains in the U.S. have been mapped by the Flood Insurance Administration, one of the parts of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. These identified areas account for about 60% of flood insurance claims. The remaining 40% of the claims occur in areas not previously recognized as being vulnerable to flooding and are generally not located near a river or other water body.

The National Weather Service is responsible for warning the public of the possibility of flooding. Flood predictions generally are made at the regional "River Forecast Center". There are several different warning messages that may be issued, based on the conditions and/or probability of flooding.

Volusia County Flood Threat Recognition System

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