How soon is payment made to vendors?

For purchases under $1,000, the City of Deltona uses the Bank of America Visa Purchasing Card. By accepting Purchasing Cards for purchases that are traditionally invoiced, you will realize improved cash flow while reducing paperwork and delays.

By accepting the Visa purchasing Card your company can realize the following benefits:

  • Receive payment in days instead of weeks
  • Reengineer your accounts receivable
  • Maintain preferred vendor status
  • Simplify and speed up the buying process
  • Electronically authorize our purchases
  • Eliminate invoices for our purchases

If you do not accept credit cards yet, call the Purchasing Card Supplier Hot Line at 800-228-5882 to find out how. For purchases $1,000.01 and above, a City of Deltona purchase order will be issued.

In the event that a good or service is requested by a City representative without an approved purchase order, please contact the Office of the Purchasing Agent immediately.

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